Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Are you watching this...?

Are you watching the skies this very moment? 12:30am If you are in Bangalore and looking up... You may see this. White puffs of clouds floating really low. Looks as if I could touch them if I stood on the 9th floor terrace of my building. They are so white the clouds look like pure cotton. There are few times I miss not having a proper camera but right now I wish I did. The low floating clouds seems like a special event. As if I should not look away even for a moment. I wanted to capture that moment on camera but my usual camera is unusable due to unforseen circumstances. The moon reminds me of the ghostly galleon from the Highwayman poem. Feels that any second I will hear the trotting of horses below my window. Maybe somewhere a Bess is waiting twining flowers in her hair waiting for her Highwayman. Don't you wonder who else is watching the same skies and thinking of similar things. Sadly moments are only passing, they don't stay,wait for us to catch up. Like the people who come into this world and leave when it's time. They touch our lives and when they are gone, it is only memories they leave behind. Like the fleeting clouds we are all just passing through,passing by and soon we will be gone just like those floating clouds, back to our true origins, never to return. P.s. My Composer is acting funny. So no paragraphs :-/

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